Q and A with Kris Perez

I got the chance on Monday to sit down with three-time Bengal Bouts champion Kris Perez, who will go for his fourth straight championship Saturday. Here are some things he had to say:

BB: How did you get into boxing?

KP: I had always liked the sport, but I never participated in it because there weren’t any gyms or ways to get involved in my hometown, so I played soccer. When I arrived here, I heard about Bengal bouts through my AR, Ed Hernandez. He told me to get involved. I did, and I realized I was decent at the sport, so I just kept on with it. Just to stay in shape. I had stopped playing soccer, so I needed something to stay in shape, stay fit, stay healthy. Why not?

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Birthday wishes come true

Happy belated 22nd birthday Lindsay Schrader, who scored 23 points and had eight rebounds during Notre Dame’s 90-79 win over Syracuse at home Monday. Schrader hit mid-range jumper after mid-range jumper and grabbed rebound after rebound to lead the Irish in scoring.

She was having some fun in the post-game press conference as well, talking even though no one had asked her a question and playing princess when reporters asked her teammates about her performance.

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You Know Someone in the Bengal Bouts.

Go to the Bengal Bouts. Go. Trust me.

The finals are Saturday at 7:00 PM in the JACC.


 You know someone in the Bengal Bouts. Trust me, you do. And I’m not talking “Six Degrees of Separation.” Ask around. I flat-out guarantee that you are on friendly terms with someone involved with the Bouts. Think about it, some 180+ competitors these past few weeks, plus those who trained but did not compete, plus all of those involved behind the scenes of the organization. You know someone in the Bengal Bouts. You do.

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Syracuse pre-game

It takes a ton of moxie to weather all-world UConn’s storm of scorers and only lose by 10 in their house. Sunday’s game was impressive for the Irish.

They better not let up. They can take Syracuse, who visits the JACC tonight at 7, but they can’t affort to know that.

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Ladies and gentlemen, your 2009 CCHA regular season champions

A hearty congratulations to Jeff Jackson and the rest of the Notre Dame hockey team, who last night wrapped up the 2009 CCHA regular season championship. This is Jackson’s second  regular season conference crown in just four years with the Irish, and definitely helps the squad on the road to Detroit and the CCHA Championship as well as the NCAA Championship. Continue reading

Just like Sarah Palin, they’re Mavericks

A couple of extra notes from Wednesday’s last hockey practice before the team departed for Omaha Thursday morning. Continue reading

Second-half swagger

Inexcusable, is the word Muffet McGraw used to describe her team’s perimeter offense in the first half of Tuesday’s game at South Florida. Seven 3-pointers, down 14 at one point, Notre Dame played poorly.

So she gave the team a talking-to. Said they needed to have pride in their defense. Said they needed to get out and guard the 3-point line. The players responded – she said she heard Lindsay Schrader and Melissa Lechlitner getting the team going. Whatever happened, it worked.

Notre Dame outscored South Florida 42-27 in the second half and won 86-79.

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