They are who we thought they were…

And we let them off the hook! The Glee Club, that is.

But I guess that’s what having two girls on your Bookstore Basketball team will get you (Never again…).

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Q and A with Kris Perez

I got the chance on Monday to sit down with three-time Bengal Bouts champion Kris Perez, who will go for his fourth straight championship Saturday. Here are some things he had to say:

BB: How did you get into boxing?

KP: I had always liked the sport, but I never participated in it because there weren’t any gyms or ways to get involved in my hometown, so I played soccer. When I arrived here, I heard about Bengal bouts through my AR, Ed Hernandez. He told me to get involved. I did, and I realized I was decent at the sport, so I just kept on with it. Just to stay in shape. I had stopped playing soccer, so I needed something to stay in shape, stay fit, stay healthy. Why not?

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You Know Someone in the Bengal Bouts.

Go to the Bengal Bouts. Go. Trust me.

The finals are Saturday at 7:00 PM in the JACC.


 You know someone in the Bengal Bouts. Trust me, you do. And I’m not talking “Six Degrees of Separation.” Ask around. I flat-out guarantee that you are on friendly terms with someone involved with the Bouts. Think about it, some 180+ competitors these past few weeks, plus those who trained but did not compete, plus all of those involved behind the scenes of the organization. You know someone in the Bengal Bouts. You do.

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Manor Defends Title

Morrissey held on in the final minutes of a close game to defeat O’Neill 69-62 in the Championship game of the Men’s A-League Interhall Basketball season.  Full coverage in tomorrow’s Observer Sports.

Manor Up at Halftime

The Manorites of Morrisey lead the O’Neill Mob 35-28 at the half for Men’s Interhall A-League Championships.  Full stats can be found in tomorrow’s Observer.